Covid 19 Update

Upscale is currently requesting that anyone with flu-like symptoms, those who have been
diagnosed with COVID-19, or those that have been in direct contact with someone who has
been diagnosed with COVID-19 NOT use NEMT at this time. If you are experiencing the
following symptoms: fever, coughing, or shortness of breath, contact us to cancel your ride
and contact your healthcare provider immediately.

If you are having life threatening symptoms, or need emergency assistance, please call 911.

UPSCALE Covid-19 Response

In response to increased risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Upscale NEMT has
raised standards in safety and sanitation to best provide transportation to our wheelchair
and stretcher patient community.

We understand that these individuals require reliable transportation to their regular
medical appointments, testing, procedures, or any other needed destinations. Upscale also
considers the fact that underlying conditions that may exist leave patients vulnerable
during this uncertain time.

Upscale has taken the follow measures to ensure both employee and client safety and
minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

❖ Free Hand Sanitizer

To protect both drivers and passengers. Antibacterial to kill bacteria, viruses and
other microbes.

❖ Disinfection of Vehicle Following Every Trip

Drivers are provided a supply of isopropyl alcohol solution which is a highly
effective anti-viral surface disinfectant as recommended by medical professionals.

❖ Driver Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Drivers wear masks on every trip. Other PPE equipment used for minimizing the
spread of COVID-19 such as: medical bouffant cap, face shield, medical full coverall,
lab coats or CDC acceptable protection, N95 face mask, shoe covers, and gloves are

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